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High Yield Investments with Returns Secured and Guaranteed

What do you call a sound investment in a volatile world?

Today’s investment market is both hectic and in turmoil because of the macroeconomic market situations that have caused the recent trends of volatility and bottoming out in commodities and the stock market.
Secured guaranteed returns on real estate is good news and a sound investment for investors today.

The investment opportunities for self-storage today, in the right markets, are astounding. Opportunities continue to exist for the well-informed developers and investors who have the experience and training and take the time to perform the due diligence required. Real estate is the surest and safest path to wealth. It has been since before most of us heard of dot coms, IPOs and even 401(k) s.
Real estate even provides tax deductions and a lower capital gain tax bracket.
Most investors that are active in the market today know self-storage is now a good place to put money.

Saline, Michigan – A unique combination of commercial office units with climate control self-storage units above and adjacent to large manufacturing buildings all encompassed in the same complex.

Excellence Through Experience

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or you’re just starting to explore the possibilities of investing in the rapidly growing self-storage industry, reach out if you have questions or want detailed information on one of our opportunities.

When it comes to investments, there’s no getting around risk, so we embrace it with experience. U.S. Storage Depot investments has employed a unique approach for over 30 years. Our diverse investments with risk-adjusted performance have made us one of the safest and fastest growing real estate investments in the self-storage industry.

Experience produces results.

Cash Flow Head and Shoulders Above the Stock Market and Traditional Savings Accounts

You now have the opportunity, to take advantage of the newest U.S. Storage Depot Participating Promissory Note Program. The promissory notes are fully secured by established income producing real estate with a guaranteed minimum of 7.5 % per annual yield and the potential of receiving a 9% yield per year.

The U.S. Storage Depot investment opportunity is to invest in our program when we purchase an existing facility that has an established cash flow. These facilities produce an immediate cash flow with good growth potential. Our intent is to increase income through our efficient management program along with our unique advertising and marketing division. U.S. Storage Depot increases the occupancy and rental rates of the facility by increasing the services and amenities, offered to the general public, by streamlining the operational costs through our mass buying power and by our efficiency of operation. In addition, the facilities are selected in good locations with the intent of expanding the facility because the local market warrants expansion.

U.S Storage Depot can enhance the facility by adding either climate-controlled storage, outdoor RV storage, covered RV storage, or if it warrants, additional single story cold storage.

The main advantage to this investment is two-fold. First, you receive immediate preferred cash returns, usually in the range of 7-9% per annum. Secondly, the facility is a more secured investment because you have an existing operation that has established itself and has already gone through the risk cycle of development.

Canton, Michigan – US Storage Depot Canton campus park featuring combined climate control self-storage and non-climate control self-storage with incubator units, industrial warehousing, manufacturing incubator units, jumbo contractor units, RV storage units, and business offices

U.S. Storage Depot has adapted to new technologies and trends to develop under-performing shopping centers and big boxes into mixed use buildings, containing self-storage with retail, office, manufacturing and incubator spaces for small entrepreneurs
(tenants with little susceptibility to e-commerce).

Background of the New Generation Self-Storage

U.S. Storage Depot LLC is a real estate investment firm that designs, builds, acquires, owns, and manages mixed use self-storage properties that operate under the logo and name of U.S. Storage Depot Self-Storage. Since opening our first storage facility in Michigan in 1983, we have designed, built and acquired 38 locations.

Everything about U.S. Storage Depot looms larger than life. It includes sprawling complexes, high tech design, state of the art security, and of course, a diverse array of combo mixed uses. The jaw-dropping design of the new facilities turns heads and wins awards. There is a decisively upbeat atmosphere at U.S. Storage Depot. The atmosphere has unique management and marketing divisions that instantly message to the public that the U.S. Storage Depot design, services and concepts separate us from everyone else in the industry.

The Business center pulls the concept together at US Storage Depot.

The Business center pulls the concept together at US Storage Depot.

The striking U.S. Storage Depot design, along with combination uses, is like the rudder on a ship. The concept decides on what you are trying to communicate to the public and the feelings and impressions you are trying to invoke with the community. The U.S. storage Depot design, services and amenities go beyond consciousness into the sub-consciousness. In today’s market, it is more important than ever that the developer’s use of good, functional design and amenities deliver critical messages to the general public. At the same time, the design offers the privacy, security and ease of use for any array of storage needs.

Retail Lobby and Business Center Creates a One-Stop Operation for Business Clientele.

Ann Arbor, Michigan – combined manufacturing units with incubator units, record storage, hybrid RV storage, climate and non climate contolled self- storage and office retail unit

U.S. Storage Depot Redefines the Standard

U.S. Storage Depot has created a product that encompasses the best of both worlds: traditional self-storage and innovative, modern day storage concepts. Accomplishing this required vision, good planning and a clear view of its customer base. The plan included expanding on both the residential and commercial market needs for self-storage.

A mixed use concept is one solution that will make effective use of the property site. It will be economically stable and will enable the owner to create an attractive facility for the community with a viable tax base. The real charm of the U.S. Storage Depot concept is it can be applied to vacant land or a vacant Big Box of virtually any size or shape. U.S. Storage Depot has taken this new generation concept to new levels by combining it with other retail uses.

Ann Arbor, Michigan – commercial and residential drive in loading and unloading

Benefit of the Mixed Use Concept

There are multiple benefits for the developer and investor. First, it allows U.S. Storage Depot to target prime locations which normally are not accessible for free-standing self-storage facilities due to building, zoning and community restrictions. Prime location and mixed use obviously enhances the servicing area that U.S. Storage Depot can handle and greatly increases the profit margin the self-storage facility will generate when storage space is combined with retail, office, industrial and manufacturing units.

Finally, each component of the facility enhances the other on a physical level. For example, retailers and office space users always want more parking. This need is offset by U.S. Storage Depot requiring very little parking for its self-storage customers.